Madison Beer's new EP came out on february the second. Ever since the release i'm still in love listening to her songs we're I was waiting for since 2014. Here are some favorite lines out of evert song :) 💕

- Dead

You say you can't live without me, so why aren't you dead yet?

Be careful what you say, say only what you mean. It's nice to know you know

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- Fools

You don't know what i'm thinking, you don't even try.

Don't you know baby, only fools stick around when the love is all gone

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- Heartless

I should use my heart less

She kissed you goodbye, maybe i shouldn't not when its this good

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- Tyler Durden

I'm in love with Tyler Durden, that's why this shit ain't never working for me. I'm in love with a fantasy

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- Home with you

I ain't got no time for no games

Have some respect, it's quite insulting

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- Teenager in love

You call me queen, you're in ripped jeans

Hearts in my eyes, strawberry skies

You make me feel like a teenager in love, and you make me feel like i'll be forever young

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- say it to my face

Tell me what's the allegation, you're accusing me of something, i don't wana be mistaken. If I ask you will you say it to my face?

Can't look me straight in the eye. To intimidated but it's no revelation, when you've been runnin' all over town.

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This is a link to Madison EP, in case you haven't heard it.. >> <<

Let's bless the ears with this angles voice :)