Hi guys! So I actually got really excited when I saw the trailer for the "Love, Simon" Movie, and I decided to Read the book before the movie launched here in Brasil.

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For the one who haven't seen the trailer yet ( here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0cbWdlQg_8 ) The book is about a teenager that has a pretty normal life, except for the fact that he is gay and anyone knows, except for this secret boy from his school with whom he exchange e-mails all the time.

The story itself is pretty involving and really funny and fast to read. I read the entire book in about a day! The way the author ( Becky Albertalli ) describes the characters and Simon's sensations is priceless, you will get emotional, you'll probably feel bad when Simon does, and get excited as he does, laugh lots, and most of all, you will love to see the way he sees he world!

I simply loved it, and can't wait to go see it in the cinemas!

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