"Age is just a number," that's the truth. I've always felt a bit different, especially in the past few years, I've noticed that my way of thinking is very different from my friends, not kidding about certain jokes and dealing in different ways with certain situations. However, I can't always understand the perspective of other people, perhaps because I don't put myself in the other person's shoes, if you know what I mean. However, don't follow my example, it is, undoubtedly, very important.So my first advice in this article is: Put yourself in the other's shoes.
Second advice: don't expect too much from others, we can't think that they are like us, there are many personalities and many ways of thinking, we can't think that everyone is like us or that our way of being is what is best. It is part, in friendship, perceiving the other and making efforts but we can't expect everyone to have the same way of thinking that we have.Sometimes, some persons appear in our lives simply for us to learn that we should not be like them. Yes, we must value our friends and appreciate them however we can't create many expectations.

Third advice: we can't wait to others do things for us, we have to take the first step to do things, life is yours so don't wait for someone to live for you. So risk more, gain motivation, start studying for that test you have this week, dedicate time to you.
Last advice: As you grow older you will notice that your way of thinking, personality, style, appearance ... all this will change what is a good sign, sign that you have grown up, because all this changes are according to the experiences and people which are in our life.
Of course I have more to tell but this is a long article so I hope you enjoyed,
With love,