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Today I'll be doing the my name in cities challenge. Unfortunately, the creator of this challenge is unknown so I can't tag the hearter. If you read this, you can always let me know, of course.

I was tagged by Michel who's an amazingly sweet hearter. You can find her article of the challenge and WHI account here:

m i c h e l
m i c h e l

Now, lets get started!

↠ P A U LI E N

I decided to use cities I haven't visited before, but want to in the future. I could've also added cities as Prague, London and Paris that are very beautiful too, but I just think it's more exciting choosing new ones.

1 | Pisa

converse, holiday, and levis image adventure, people, and sky image

2 | Amsterdam

amsterdam, blogger, and fashion image amsterdam, holidays, and netherlands image
The Netherlands

3 | Ushuaia

argentina, d, and ushuaia image argentina, d, and paisaje image

4 | Lisbon

city, travel, and lisbon image lisbon, portugal, and city image

5 | Istanbul

architecture, city, and cloud image place, travel, and world image

6 | Edinburgh

architecture and building image brown and building image

7 | New York City

Temporarily removed city and new york image

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