The last remnants of last weeks Sun sextile Pluto and Mars trine Uranus are fading as the week begins. Venus comes up to square Saturn, and the Sun trines Jupiter on the 13th.

On the 17th, Mars enters Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, and brings structured energy to a new area of our charts. Finishing up the week we have the Mercury/Venus conjunction. Usually, it would be a case of Mercury coming up to conjunct Venus, as Mercury generally moves more quickly than Venus. However, in this case, Venus is catching up to Mercury, as Mercury is currently slowing down as it is getting ready to station (stand still) and then go retrograde on the 22nd of March. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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Your spirit of adventure has hopefully been sated a little over the last month or so, as you are soon looking to throw yourself into your career. Early in the week may have you feeling conflicted in relation to values or rules in the workplace. Your plans regarding joint finances, resources or emotional intensity may seem to come to a grinding halt but likely just need some adjustments. Near the end of the week, your ability to charm others is increased and others enjoy spending time with you.


Early in the week may find you feeling a little despondent and reluctant to do something that would broaden your horizons in some way. The end of the week may find you feeling very different about this situation, as your energy and enthusiasm for travel, higher education and learning about other cultures get a real shot in the arm at this time. Plans you had involving your partner and chasing your hopes and dreams may seem to come to a standstill early in the week, but you will likely find that you just need to approach the matter from a different angle.


Your relationship with your partner may have had its trying times over the last month and a half but things are likely to improve somewhat. Friends may prove helpful in helping you see a new way of looking at things when it does come to relationships. Over the next two months, there will be a lot more focus on joint income, possessions and on shared emotional intensity. When it comes to your career, you may find that momentum you have built up suddenly seem to come to a standstill. What is required is a new way of looking at the situation, and you are well equipped to handle that.


Early in the week is likely to be a great time to show the powers that be at work that you are able to think well outside the box. You may find though, that your partner may be feeling a little neglected with all the preoccupation you have had with work lately. Finding a way to spend some quality time with your partner, or indulging those you love, or yourself with what you love may encounter some type of hiccup this week, Try not to let this get you down, you probably just need to approach the matter from a different angle.


The desire to get out-of-town is likely to be strong early in the week. You have a strong need to expand your horizons in some way, and travel or higher education would be excellent ways to do so. You may find that you need to put this off for a while though, as work, your health, and daily routines are all likely to be consuming a lot more of your time and energy over the next few months. Shared finances or resources, particularly in relation to your home or family may encounter some sort of set back at this time. A new way of looking at the situation is likely to have you coming up with a much better plan in any case.


If you have been having issues regarding financing or resources in relation to your home or your family in some way, early in the week may bring about a new way of looking at the matter. You may need to make some unpopular decisions when it comes to your children, a lover or in relation to a hobby or creative outlet you are involved with. Discussions with your partner may seem to hit an impasse early in the week but any delays or roadblocks may turn out to beneficial in the long run.


Brainstorming with your partner early in the week is likely to have you bouncing some great ideas off of each other. Your responsibilities regarding a home or family matter are likely to increase over the next few months, as are the amount of time and energy you put into these areas of your life. Money you may have been expecting or a lack of confidence in yourself may have you feeling like nothing is moving at this time. It may be that what is required now is a new approach to what you are trying to achieve or giving the situation time to mature.


Money may have seemed to be slipping through your fingers way faster than it should have been lately, but early in the week, you may have a great idea about how you can go about staunching the flow of funds. Your thinking may have become a little more pessimistic lately and this may have some overflow effect on your health or work performance at this time. Plans you have had to indulge your creative side or those that you love may seem to hit a stumbling block this week. What is likely need is a new way to approach the situation and an ability to allow it to unfold in its own time.


You are full of energy early in the week and your enthusiasm is likely to be contagious. You are determined to have a wonderful time, with people you love and indulging in creative and fun pastimes. The only real fly in the ointment at this time is likely to be money. The next few months are likely to be a time when a lot of your time and energy is focused on building increasing your income. Early in the week is a great time for drawing up a budget.


You may be feeling tired early in the week and that all you seem to do is work and have no fun. Your energy levels are due to increase late in the week and you will feel more motivated to get on with your personal goals. Relations with family members may be a little strained early in the week but are likely to be getting on wonderfully as the week draws to a close. Long-range plans made with friends may seem to evaporate early in the week, and a lack of communication may play a large part in this. Give the situation time to evolve and you will likely find that any change in your plans is likely to be better in the long run.


Talking with friends early in the week or networking with others may help to get to the heart of a matter that has been troubling you early in the week. Expectations related to your income, career or public reputation may seem to undergo a set back this week. This is unlikely to be a fatal blow though, and a new approach to the matter in hand may find you in a better position in the long run. Over the next few months, you are likely to take more of a backseat approach to matters and prefer to work behind the scenes.


Early in the week is a great time to showcase your unique take on events in the workplace. Over the next few months, you are likely to be networking more with others that can assist you in your career and be catching up with friends. Plans to travel or broaden your horizons in some way such as higher education may come up against a roadblock early in the week. A new approach to achieving these goals may be required or the ability to wait out a situation.