Hola hearters!

I've been thinking a lot about traveling lately. Why? Because I want to consider things that will make me happy in the future. Today I feel like sharing my travel bucketlist with places over the world that I would looooove to visit. Enjoy!

🌸 Bali -Indonesia

bali, holiday, and elegant image bali, dreamy, and gate image bali, beauty, and chill image food, breakfast, and pool image summer, girl, and nature image bali, bucket list, and travel image

🌸 Brooklyn -New York

city, bridge, and travel image city, new york, and nyc image big apple, brooklyn bridge, and city image brooklyn bridge, city, and lights image aesthetic, beautiful, and Brooklyn image architecture, building, and city image

🌸 Bangkok -Thailand

thailand, travel, and koh samui image bangkok, city, and night image Image removed beach, summer, and sea image adventure, travel, and asia image bangkok, beach, and inspo image

🌸 Dubai -United Arab Emirates

aesthetic, city, and outfits image Dubai, goals, and lifestyle image beautiful places, cities, and Dubai image girl, travel, and hair image arab, big, and cities image Dubai, fashion, and hair image

🌸 Amsterdam -Netherlands

amsterdam, autumn, and fun image amsterdam image amsterdam, books, and europe image amsterdam, delicious, and orange image amsterdam, city, and rainbow image food, amsterdam, and city image

🌸 Caïro -Egypt

camel, girl, and photography image Image removed egypt and travel image egypt image egypt, Red Sea, and sea image egypt, nights, and summer image

🌸 Malé -Maldives

beach, holidays, and traveling image nature, beach, and sea image Image removed ocean, palms, and summer image beach and travel image Image removed

🌸 Sacramento -California

california, disney, and disneyland image glitter, palm trees, and sunset image aesthetic, beach, and california image usa, bridge, and city image beauty, city, and nature image city and bridge image

This was sort of it! Let me know if you've been here!!

Xoxo Caroline

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