I came up with this idea the other day and I'm really excited to try it out. If anyone has come up with this idea as well and I didn't know, I apologize. After all, great minds think alike!

Ron Weasley [Harry Potter]

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Out of any character in the world, Ron reminds me the most of myself. He is usually seen as the less cool friend, but is very protective of them and his family. He can be moody and insecure. We're both insanely scared of spiders. One last thing we have in common is how we both like to do things the easy way, aka we avoid hard work.

Rachel Green [Friends]

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Just like me, Rachel has a reputation for being a pushover. She also goes from depending on others, especially her parents, to having to do things by herself and becoming more independent.

Riley Matthews [Girl Meets World]

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Just noticed that everyone's names so far start with R and so does mine, that's little strange. Anyways, I think there's a lot about me that isn't like Riley, but a lot that is. We are both very similar when it comes to friendships, being caring and loyal. We're sensitive, slightly awkward, and idealistic.

Cher Horowitz [Clueless]

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A few things about Cher's personality that reminds me of myself: she is good-natured, sweet, and thoughtful.