A ; age

new year, 2018, and light image girl, glitter, and party image
i'm turning eighteen this year

B ; best movie

evelyn, gif, and movie image
beige, desert, and sand image Image removed
the mummy and the mummy return

C ; current time

Big Ben, gif, and black and white image
4:34 pm.

D ; drink you last had

drink and coffee image aesthetic and coffee image
coffee, always coffee

E ; everyday start with

aesthetic, theme, and blue image girl, bed, and morning image
me rolling in the bed ten minutes

F ; favorite song

theme, grunge, and aesthetic image theme, green, and music image
now i'm in love with open arms by journey

G ; grossest memory

pink, quotes, and clothes image feminism, girl power, and feminist image
one time in a party when a stupid boy intend to touch me without my consent

H ; height

love, couple, and art image
1.75 m [ 5'7'' ]

I ; in love with

book, cigarette, and grunge image accessories, alternative, and cigarettes image
cigarettes, books and music

J ; jealous

aesthetic, depression, and instagram image couple, aesthetic, and red image
people who have someone that always love and care for them

K ; kill someone

kill, quote, and black and white image
i can pretend that i never thought about it, but actually...

L ; last time you cried

music, quotes, and life image grunge and art image

M ; middle name

colors, film, and imagination image
i don't have one sorry

N ; number of siblings

Temporarily removed baby, love, and family image
only me

O ; one wish

Mature image female, feminism, and pink image

P ; person you last called

gif, anime, and aesthetic image
my best friend

Q ; question you're always asked

quotes, cigarette, and serious image megan fox, quotes, and grunge image
why i am always so weird? or what the fuck are you saying right now?

R ; reasons to smile

rose, red, and flowers image
book, red, and aesthetic image Image by ⠀
being poetic: the smell of flowers, books and sweets

S ; song you last sang

gif image
rewrite the stars

T ; time you woke up

quotes, wake up, and sleep image
8:30 am.

U ; underwear color

aesthetics, black bra, and bra image Image by Film Star Look Jacket
black as always

V ; vacation places

Greece, travel, and santorini image aesthetic, alternative, and italy image
rome and athens

W ; worst habit

Image by Kristaq Riste Lico alcoholic, nice, and bad image cigarette, smoke, and kill image overlay and png image
i am a compendium of all bad habits

X ; x-rays you had

bath, skeleton, and skull image
i don't remember

Y ; your favorite food

food, chips, and salad image bake, c1, and cook image
all types of salads that you can imagine

Z ; zodiac sign

zodiac image back, ink, and tattoo image

this was my #ABCTAG

// i made a similar one describing myself, if you want, you can go and see it

see you soon beauties