I admit ... it's a bit shocking to face the outside world, a bit exhausting, due to the unbearable heat here in Lima. The good thing is that I am a little tolerable ...

I feel like everything happened so so ... fast. However, February was the worst month, no doubt: I had two or three weeks to finish studying the topics of the syllabus for my admission exam - it was very stressful since there were many: grammar, literature, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, science and environment.- During February my family and I planned a short weekend trip to a town called Canta and everything turned out ... well, not as I expected. That morning I felt a strange sensation in my heart, like a prelude to something unknown that is not good.

My mom weakened in the subway, felt dizzy and did not have much stability. My sister and I got very scared, my dad ... I think he knew how to control himself very well and he was calm for her (my mom)
She was taken to the hospital with my father and uncle while my godmother took us to the house.
She was admitted to the hospital for 6 days ... it was difficult for my sister and me because we were alone in the house during that time trying to take care of the chores of the house and little by little to be more independent.
I remember we prayed a lot, we also discussed and talked with my mom on the phone all those days.
Thank God everything turned out to be a false alarm, my mom got better and returned to the house on a Thursday or Friday.

As you can deduce, all that did not allow me to study much, however I continued and continued studying until I reached the point that I needed more time and I did not finish all the subjects, as I expected. My advantage was that I had very good advice from my godmother who studied at the same university.

Now wait until the next article so you know how it went and what I am doing now...