part two of my what to series! this part will be a guide to roses & their colours. you know, there is actually a secret language of flowers!

different types of flowers mean different things, and colour have a bigger meaning than you might think

roses & their colours

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roses are usually given as a sign of love, but there is more to it than that

red roses - a classic, and it's given to someone you love. red roses means love and romance.

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red roses & light pink roses

light pink roses - as well as red roses, light pink roses means love, but they also mean gratitude and appreciation. they are often given to someone you admire and appreciate, which could both be a love interest or a friend.

lavender roses - lavender and purple roses are often tied to enchantment, mystery and wonder. they are also a sign of love at first sight or enchantment at first sight. this making them perfect to give to someone that stunned you at first glance!

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lavender roses & orange roses

orange roses - orange roses are a bit more vibrant. they are appropriate for sending any message of enthusiasm and can also mean fascination and passion.

peach roses - different from both orange and light pink roses is the peach rose, it has a meaning of modesty, sincerity, gratitude and genuineness. this makes it an appropriate gift to say 'thank you' and could for example be send to a business partner after closing a deal.

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peach roses & yellow roses

yellow roses - these bright flowers send a joyful message. yellow roses are a traditional symbol of friendship and would be appropriate as a gift for your best friend!

cream roses - there is a difference between white and off-white roses, and they are not to be mixed with each other. these cream coloured flowers are said to represent thoughtfulness, gracefulness, and charm. they are great for letting someone know that you care, without any romantic intentions.

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cream roses & white roses

white roses - these roses are traditionally assigned with marriage, but also spirituality and new starts. It also often represents youth, purity and innocence, as well as it is a sign for everlasting love.

green roses - the green rose signifies the constant rejuvenation of spirit and fertility. they are a sign of copiousness and they can symbolize richness, abundance and bounty. it is also a very pleasing colour and it is often said it can impart a sense of balance, stability and peace to the human mind.

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green roses & blue roses

blue roses - the blue roses are not natural, they are coloured blue! they represent mystery, the unattainable and the impossible. if you give a blue rose to someone it may mean 'you are extraordinary wonderful'.

black roses - this colour is mysterious and black roses are often used at funerals as they are linked to death and mourning. however, they can also stand for new beginnings and major change.

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black roses

although different colours of roses mean different things, it's nothing to take too serious. the reason to why colours 'mean' different things is due to tradition, in the victorian era the flower language was important! using the flower language as a guideline could definietly act as a help, but if you really want to give someone yellow flowers, even though it's a love interest, do it! maybe yellow roses are someones favourite flower.

there might come out a part two to this rose guide, containing a guide of other flowers, and the secret language of flowers. however, if you need something to read now (and outfit ideas) you could definietly check out my recent article -

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