"I have never felt such a beautiful solitude in someone's existence before the peace in you calms the storm in me."


c i t e

"Don't ask why it has to be you. Just stay with me."



He's a cop, one of the best ones. When an undercover bust went bad ten years ago, his wife and unborn child were killed. He swore he'd never love again.

Then his old partner retires, only to be replaced by a wide-eyed, spunky rookie, whose seemingly impossible innocence and carefree personality remind him that life is worth living again. Or he thought so?

This could only end in disaster...right?

Dare he make the first move?



The story contains violence, thriller, mystery and mature content.



I do not own any of the members of BTS and the plot is taken from Ruthanne Reid. But the other fictional characters are mine and also the storyline is made by me. Any similarities to other books are coincidence.