Dear you,
welcome back to my rubric, today I'll tell you 5 more things Worth living for, aren't you excited?

Let's start!

➸ Summer

girl, sea, and sky image beach, blue, and sand image
sunshine on you, sea ahead you, sand on your feet, happiness in you

➸ Rainbows

aesthetics, rainbows, and love image rainbow, patch, and aesthetic image
they're all little miracles

➸ Sunsets

Image removed Image removed
when the sun goes down I'll be there with you

➸ Flowers

aesthetic, beautiful, and colors image aesthetic, flowers, and garden image
of every size, color, shape, smell, they all look gorgeous

➸ Cinema

film, life, and quotes image girl, cinema, and popcorn image
spending an afternoon or an evening with someone or alone watching a good movie is Always a good choice

Here it ends, I hope this list helped or inspired you ;)


in case you missed the last one ;)
in case you were interested ;)