Holà guys ! Today, I do the "Perfect Guy" challenge. I saw this at @lavsco. So, let's do this challenge !

Adventurist or reliable ?

Dad material or a career-chaser ?
Dad material

Dog or cat person ?
Dog ! I love dogs ! My boyfriend must love dogs otherwise we will not be able to go out together

Rich in money or rich in mind and soul ?
I would like say both but I have to choose one so I say rich in mind and soul

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Religious or non-religious ?
I don't care but but if he is religious and wants to go to church he will go alone haha

European, Asian, American, Afro-American, Aussie, Arab or African looking ?
European, American

Smiling with his mouth or eyes ?
With the both ☺

Full or thin lips ?
Not too full and not too thin, the right half

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Sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive ?
I would say sarcastic and romantic haha

Beard or no beard ?
Beard of course 😏

Funny or serious ?
Funny but when it's necessary serious

Tall or shortie ?
Tall of course, I'm tall too, so I need a tall perfect boy haha

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Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes ?
I prefer blue but green, hazel and brown eyes I like too

Smart or hard-working ?

Boy in soul or manly and serious ?
I can't choose, I love both

Short, medium or long hair ?
Short, I don't like long hair

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What colour should his hair be ?
His hair should be brown or dark blond, I don't like blond or red hair

Any freckles ?
I do not care but if he does, I wish he did not have many

Long fingers or wide palms ?
Wide palms, I don't like long fingers

Perfect smile or a little bit crooked teeth ?
Perfect smile !

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Popping-out veins or no visible veins on arms ?
In between. I love see veins but not too much

Wearing shirts or t-shirts most of the time ?
T-shirts but he can wearing shirts often haha

Muscular or normal looking ?
Muscular but not too much

Wide shoulders or six pack ?
Wide shoulders ☺

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Loves to dance or to cook ?
Both, I love dancing and cooking, even if I'm not strong in dance

Loves playing video-games or outdoor sports ?
Outdoor sports please no video-games

Wears watch or ring?

Loves taking you out to have dinner in some restaurant or taking you for a walk ?

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Sweet tooth or crazy about salty food ?
I don't care

Tattoos or no-tattoos ?
I don't mind but if he has tattoos not too much

This challenge is over. Sooo, if a boy read this and match with all these preferences or just with 1 or 3 imperfections (bc nobody is perfect haha) send me a message pls, maybe we will have children and will end our life together haha

_XoXo, Arìes_ ♡