I'm Alex and I've been tagged for this by my amazing friend Anastasia Ciah

1. Zodiac sign 🌟
Being born on September 15th I'm a virgo!

2. Hogwarts House ⚡
I'm a hufflepuff! Hufflepuff is my fav Hogwarts House

3. Languages 👍
My lenguage is italian but i can speak french, english, spanish and latin.

5. Siblings 👭
I have an older sister, her name is Ariana and she likes photography and rock music

4. Childhood Cartoon Crush 😏
Hiro Hamada from big hero 6. i still love him.

6. Childhood Imaginary Friend 👾
I've never had an imaginary friend

7. Videogames 👓
i love videogames especially those where you run with cars.

8. Music 🔊
i love punk music and i'm in a punk band, i play the bass. i can play the violin,the piano, the bass, the saxophone and drums.

9. Exercise 🔋
i'm a gymnast. i started doing rhythmic gymnastics
when i was 4. this sport has caused me a lot of serious injuries

10. School 📕
My favourite subjects are art and psychology. school is my worst nightmare. I go there only because I am obliged

11. Fav movie genres ✨
I like dramatic, dystopian and fantastic movies. my fav movie is miss peregrine house for peculiar children

12. Environment 🍃
I love nature and animals. I always try to respect the environment but the ignorance of people prevents us from changing things for the better.♻️

13. Shows 📺
my fav shows are The Next Step, Teen Wolf; Turn It Around The Story Of East Bay Punk, The Suite Life on Deck.

an amazing friend