I started writing this article because I wanted to write about my personal life and something which changed me.

Although I don't have a 'Winter Depression', I'm still in recovery of a depression which appeared in the winter.
This depression started because of stress and asking myself too much.
I thought I needed to change schools, but whatever direction I choose,
I still needed to deal with all the feelings I had and didn't understand, but I tried to escape it.

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When I changed schools, my social life changed, my vision of my future changed too and it went from bad to worse.
I wasn't expecting all those changes and had no idea how to handle the extra stress of those changes in my life.
So the circle of feelings went down hill.
Since then I've been struggling with suicidal thoughts, at that point I didn't know what to think.
That was my lowest point.

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My self confidence disappeared like it never existed.
I didn't trust myself with all those scary thoughts of escaping this world.
While I used to be someone who is a passionate and ambitious,
I became a ghost.

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My mother talked to a friend who is a psychologist and she helped me trusting and believing in myself. She gave tips of how to give yourselves tasks and get threw everyday life when you feel bad.
Slowly, with help from my friends, family and my psychologist, I came back in society.

I want to help people around me as much as I can, who are going through the same or anything similar like a depression or winter depression.
So here are some tips which helped and still help me with believing in myself.

My first tip is:
Make a Checklist
Write simple everyday tasks down.
Tasks like:
- Shower
- go to school
- call a friend
- make homework
It sounds really silly, and it is, but when at the end of the day when you have checked everything you feel like you accomplished something, which you did! You have survived a day being you.

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My second tip is:
Write your thoughts and emotions down
Just words or sentences at random. It can help thinking straight and have all your thoughts in order.

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Third tip:
You are truly amazing and not the only one
It might feel like you're alone in the world, like you have to walk trough life all the way on your own. You don't have to my dear. You are loved, and have more people around you than you think, those people will walk that path of life gladly with you. And you are not the only one, it might feel like it, but why do you think Psychologists and therapists have jobs. ;)

Try talking about it
I personally don't like talking about how badly I feel sometimes because I never want people to feel pressured to talk about my pain and emotion. I would have the feeling that I would kind of give them my weight of pain, I'd rather talk about their emotions.
If you feel like that too, just throw your hesitation away.
If you have a really close friend try talking with them. Just about how you sometimes don't know what to feel. But the best thing is to share it with your parents or close people who are able to give you more help. And with more help I mean a professional who can help you.

I used to think that Psychologists only wanted money.
But they just want to help people, and everyone needs money. If they would do everything for free, then they'd be homeless. They actually want to find the best way to make you feel happy again. It might not help the first session. But eventually, you will learn a lot from it.

Call a friend
Or just anyone you can talk to.
If you feel bad, or you feel like all negativity in the world is trying to get to you, try to call a beloved one. Just talking about silly things and about life. Sharing your thoughts does feel amazing when you feel nobody wants to know it.

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Take a run or a walk
Or any sport. I used to love sports so much, I am actually in a amateur rowing team, but because the lake is sometimes frozen in the winter (I live in the Netherlands) most trainings are cancelled. And because of the cancelled trainings I also stopped rowing for a long time. But it actually made me very happy every time. I started to go for a run instead of rowing or take walks with my dad.
Just being in nature, walking and chatting with my dad made me feel like a was part of something.
Running is also something I highly recommend. Just start by pushing yourself running once a week for 10 minutes. You can do it.
It will give you the strength of going on. And if you don't feel like running on your own. Just ask someone who you can run with.

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My last but not least tip for now is:
Search for a good number with a beat and throw your hair loose.
My personally favourite to dance on is almost every number of Megan Trainer because it is so crazy. If you like another singer or music to dance on, do it! You don't need to have any dance routine for this, just feel your body and do all sorts of crazy moves!
If it's rainy or cold outside you could do this also instead of a walk or run.

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I hope I helped some people with these tips.
You can always contact me through weheartit if you need to talk with someone.
I believe in you.

If you like more tips because this doesn't work for you or for any other reason, read my second article.

- Aure_Christina