In this life we must always have in mind that things always happen for a reason, however extraordinary or terrible they may seem. The times really have changed for all equally as well as all the things that we are questioning. Now we take as important things what refers to our true purpose of life.

I had to be in the lot of people who feel we are in the blender of life, work hard since young, to the point of having the desired stability in a short time, then lose practically all that because of the chaos that whips in my native country and then end up in another totally different country and as another stranger more in the lot... and tumbling with my love relationships, which I will talk about later in another post.

Now the questions that come from so many things, why enter in these situations?, the answer that comes is to make me stronger in some way, more strengthened; another thing that I sometimes ask myself is about the place where I am currently, what do I need to learn from this place? What can I leave here or teach?

If we start to see all our life from a global point of view where we are located, we would see so many bifurcations, so many paths that somehow cross over to generate a new and better one, even more suitable for the faithful fulfillment of our original purpose at birth.

After living so many things there is no turning back, I can not perceive things as I used to do, I was before what is usually called a dreamy girl and even more a little excited that things are perfect or not, with nothing of gray terms, now I see everything with a touch of reality where I know that the things we come to have in this life are not eternal and that we must learn to appreciate each day, each thing, and see clearly because it is showing us in this moment of life.