When we want mood experiences, we go to concerts or museums. When we want meaningful emotional experience, we go to the storyteller.

Almost everyone has been to a museum at least once in their lifetime. But the thing about museums is how essily they get under your skin, they carry thousand untold stories and stories that've been told a thousand times, and whenever you walk in those spaces you feel as if its neutral ground. One of the many ways to capture this sentiment is through photography, which captures the essence of being in a museum and makes you art. So... here are a few photo ideas you can recreate at a museum.

Also, remember to be respectful with the environnement around you and don't use flashes because they can damage the paintings.

art and white image travel, paris, and city image


art, museum, and aesthetic image
You can do this one in big museums or galleries that have a large and wide corridor. This can be done with a time lapse mode and it can look awesome.


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The thing about this one is that the wida range of colours is very important so this should be done in an art gallery with clear walls and many colours.


love, kiss, and art image
I think that if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend then this is an amazing photo to recreate. Don't stand too close to the painting, tho.


architecture, girl, and places image
Stairs like this are very hard to find nowdays, but they seem to appear in every museum. Play with the angles and the shots, lighting is also very important.


art, aesthetic, and hand image
Take a nice marble statue and play with the way it's set, every statue is different and can lead to amazing shots.


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This picture plays a lot with monochrome, black and white a really present and I believe thst it's an easy picture to recreate. You don't necessarily need to go to a museum, a local art gallery will be enough for this one.


art, museum, and painting image
I don't think many galleries use this layout, but if you do find one make it count and try to recreate it.

And that's basically it, I hope you'll recreate these amazing photographs.
- Dahiandra