hi guys! I don't know if these 10 ways are helpful or not, but I want to help people that like me are always stresses by school or other reasons.

1. Listen to music

alternative, aesthetic, and beauty image apple, girly, and headphones image girl, music, and grunge image bedroom, fancy, and inspo image

2. Create something

girl, fashion, and photography image art, blue, and drawing image justin bieber image arts, culture, and neon image

3. Go for a walk / exercise

fitness, fit, and nike image fashion, girl, and summer image fitness, gym, and motivation image aesthetic, journal, and motivation image

4. Find a calm place

city and travel image stars, girl, and light image comfort zone, window, and room image adventure and comfort zone image

5. Write lists and/or keep a journal

journal, motivation, and ideas image agenda, art, and calligraphy image art, brown, and calendar image agenda, art, and brown image

6. Surround yourself with people who make you happy

alissa violet and best friends image boy, friendship, and girl image chocolate, friendship, and popsicles image friends, quotes, and sincerely image

7. Go on an adventure

Image removed alternative, cinema, and tv series image 2016, Best, and ever image aesthetic, train, and grunge image

8. Eat foods that you like

beauty, food, and lifestyle image food, ice cream, and chocolate image banana, bowl, and breakfast image coffee, food, and breakfast image

9. Play with pets

cozy, dog, and puppy image dog, animal, and cute image animal, cat, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image

10. Read a book / Watch a film

book, flowers, and aesthetic image book, red, and rose image netflix, food, and room image netflix, cry, and pink image

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