It is okay if you don't like everyone,
you can't be everyone's friend.
It is okay if not everyone likes you.
We're all so caught up with what everyone thinks about us and the way we're seen by others, we forget to love ourselves. There is no need to be rude or impolite to others if you don't like them. Let them be, just like you should let yourself be. A lot of people waste their time on worrying how popular we are or how pretty we are or how smart we are.
I see it all the time, even with older people. They put on a show when visitors come by, just to be liked by them. We put so much energy into how others perceive us.
See yourself, love yourself, because when you are able to do that you won't feel the need to please everyone. Be kind and content with what you have, and if you don't like something, change it. We are humans, and the thing that distinguishes us from animals is that we are aware. We are aware of ourselves, our body, our mind, our soul and our thoughts. So see yourself, be aware of your beauty, otherwise, you're just another animal.