I'm going to start this article right to the point. Don't give up, on anything! Don't give up on life, what your learning, friends, family, or anything of the sort. If you truly believe in what your doing, then there is no reason in giving up. I'm a gymnast and am always failing at tricks before I actually get it. Some tricks have taken me years to master. If I gave up after an hour, a week, a month, a year, or even longer... Would I have gotten my trick? No! Because I didn't give up! You need to keep pushing forward even if others are trying to influence you in what your doing.

I understand that sometimes it seems nearly impossible to continue. Remind yourself of your passion and what you came here to do. For starters, we have a wonderful tool right here, We Heart It which is full of inspiration and other articles to use. It's my favorite to use for inspiration and always gives me examples of other people doing what I love, which is gymnastics! Please use this article to always push you through if you ever feel like giving up. You're a strong person and can do this!!

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