Hello Dear Hearters !!!!

My favorite Disney animated movies :

Aladdin / 1992

disney, aladdin, and jasmine image

Cinderella / 1950

cinderella, disney, and gif image

The Little Mermaid / 1989

ariel, disney, and the little mermaid image

Tarzan / 1999

disney, gif, and tarzan image

Mulan / 1998

mulan and gif image

Pocahontas / 1995

disney, gif, and pocahontas image

Hercules / 1997

hercules, disney, and kiss image

The Hunchback of Notre Dame / 1996

Image removed

Beauty and the Beast / 1991

disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image

The Princess and the Frog / 2009

disney, movies, and princess image

Atlantis: The Lost Empire / 2001

disney, gif, and atlantis: the lost empire image

The Emperor's New Groove / 2000

birthday, disney, and the emperor's new groove image

Treasure Planet / 2002

jim hawkins, cute boy, and disney image

Brother Bear / 2003

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