Hello everyone!

I've seen lots of articles with 'My name in cities' and i wanted to do the same but a bit different so i'm gonna put the cities that i had seen them.Hope you'll enjoy it!

~A~ Abu Dhabi [Emirates]

abu dhabi, photography, and UAE image

~L~ Limassol [Cyprus]

cyprus, summer, and limassol image

~E~ Edirne [Turkey]

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

well i never visited a city with X sorry !!

~A~ Athens [Grece]

Athens, Greece, and akropolis image

~N~ Nice [France]

city, Hot, and summer image

~D~ Dubai [Emirates]

arab, big, and cities image

~R~ Rome [Italy]

architecture, city, and italy image

~A~ Ajaccio [Corse]

corsica - ajaccio image