Today was pretty stressful day to me.
I feel like invisible today.
I just want to do something but my environment of living is restricted.
I just wish to have some true friend who really understand me well and give me encouragement.
However, there I know that only comfort and encouragement that I could earn is from music.
I just want to do whatever I want to do.
I just want to scream.
I just want to yell my feeling about everything that I have hatred about.
But.. for what? what would be better if I had done all of these?
Getting into trouble? why the hell those thing exist?
For whom and For what?
why do everyone care about my mistake?
Can you just care about my good side?
Ha. It's very ironic.
In this shit life they don't care about me in general but.. why? as soon as I'm in trouble all of you care? just.. why?
I just want to be independent.
Just get out of this freaking high school and go to college as soon as I can.
I need a true friend the most. I don't care it's a boy or girl. Just.. one who can understand me..