Good vibes.

I know "Good Vibes" is sort of a cliche hippie saying, but if you really dig under the surface, good vibes are what we need in this world. From people, from places... The "energy" that we feel when we walk in somewhere...
Do you notice the room you walk into first, or the people?
Or how many people?

When you meet someone, what do you generally notice first?
Do you judge books by their cover, instead of their personality?

We all do, it's human nature, however, you can change your thinking. You can shut out those false thoughts about how this person is 1,000x more attractive than you, and they hate you already, or even the "wow, she could use a good waxing" kind of thoughts.

It's easier said than done, for sure, but you can make your vibes become less tense, from the inside, to the outside.

Has any of your friends ever told you they were very intimidated by you when they first met you, and you were very confused, because you don't feel like an intimidating person?

It's the vibe you give.

If you walk in somewhere with headphones in, and your head stuck in your phone to look like you're not just standing there bored, and have nothing to do, it shows others that you don't want to be talked to.

And maybe that's true!

But how do you make friends this way...?

I ask myself this question every time I shrug away from conversations, and ruin them because I feel like they don't want to talk to me anyway.


Act like you're in a movie, and you're about to meet the person that changes the whole course of the movie.

It works for me. (:

Find what attracts people to you.

Not material things, like wearing the latest styles, and keeping up with everyone else, but do you, boo!

Uncross your arms.


Let them come to you! And even if they don't on your first try, and you feel stupid, don't be afraid to try again.

Be yourself.
Be original.
Be the person you want to be.