Created by @darkbayfordreamers , consist in answering ten questions about love

Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

1. What does love mean to you?

Love is a hard feeling to describe, for me it can come to your life in so many ways our fingers wouldn't serve to count them. Is caring for the other, being alone and wondering if they are okay or if they need something. Is also something overhuman, we can't control it and can't stop searching for. Is like the wind... you can't see it but it's there, sometimes it's calm and relaxing, and others is caothic and wild.

2. Why do you think we feel love?

It's a natural feeling, since we born we fell in love in our moms eyes, the sound of her heartbeat, the feeling of her hand playing with our hair. We fell in love on someone because of the way they think, their smile, the laugh, their voice...

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe it, but something more like "attraction at first sight", you fall in love when you get to know the person. It is an attraction we have because of their smile or something they said, or maybe just because you think it's cute.

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4. Do you consider yourself a romantic person?

I do, actually I'm so old school if it's love we are talking about (no letters and roses) but the guy doing the first move... Taking you out, being the one caring, etc, etc,. I can be really mellow and cheesy when love its about. Although words like "baby, honey" aren't my favs.

5. What in your opinion is the best part about being in love?

I think the best part it's the feeling of peace you have inside. Having that person with you if you need it. Your soul it's a little hiperactiv but it's relaxed at the same time.

6. Have you ever fallen in love of someone you can't have?

Sadly for me, yes. I don't want to consider him as my first love, but it was. And it's crazy we keep crossing paths, now after a year we are like fine, I wouldn't say friends, but I just don't have anything for him inside me anymore. It's like I don't have pain, hate or love, I have nothing. And for someone who hurt me a lot, I think it's the best. Sometimes he shows he still cares, and maybe I will think about that once in a awhile, but I say to myself I don't have to do it. And try to remember what he did and all I had to came through.

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7. What do you expect from the Love of your life?

What do I expect... It's something really hard to write, Maybe what I want now doesn't compare to what I will want in the future, but anyways. I think I expect him to be caring, that we share the same hobbies, I want his trust in me, and I in him too. Respect, in all. Love, hours and hours of laugh and travels, hugs when I'm down, and a good listener too. I expect everything I would him to be given back. That we get to understand each others, and even if we fight we get to solve the problems.

8. Have you already found the love of your life?

I didn't, if we are talking about a boy. If we are talking about me, I'm still learning to love myself. Maybe we should start by loving and caring for ourselfs first and thats when we will found someone to love.
We need to love ourselfs first to let other see, appreciate, and care for us. That's what I think

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9. Do you think love can be forever?

I do. Even if you broke up with that person, If you lose them or if you have a huge fight. Love it's a real package that doesn't come alone, memories, jokes, places, smells, feelings, songs, movies, everything will make you remember that person. And if there is something you can't never fight even if you want it's the power of the mind and heart.

10. How do you make others feel loved?

I try to make them feel appreciate. I try to do the things I would like them to make me feel loved. The famous "do things for others you would like them to do it for you", or something like that. So I apply that, remembering the most little detail, something they like or don't, what they want to do, the music they listen, their favourite color.

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