Hello and welcome to another article! I'm in no way obsessed with taking selfies but I like to to take them every now and then. I know it can be difficult to take a good picture, but with time I've learned some ways in which I can look better in my selfies. There are tons of tips on how to take a perfect selfie, but these are the ones I personally like better and use more.


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Before getting in the actual tips, just know you're beautiful & that's already enough. Sometimes a bad photo makes us feel ugly and bad about ourselves but they shouldn't! Go take a beautiful selfie and remember that even if it turns out not so good, you're still beautiful.

Alright, now the tips...

use the sun in your favor

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Lightning is everything, as you may already know. My favorite type is natural lightning: the sun. With sunlight you can make your skin look really pretty and glowing and it can also make cool effects in the photo. Try taking selfies in the golden hour for awesome results!

know your angles well

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Angles do make a difference and matter a lot. With the wrong angles, you might look totally different and end up not liking any of the photos. With practice you'll understand what are your best angles and how to make good use of them.

practice mirror poses

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Mirror selfies can be very tricky: you have to think about the background, your body pose, the way you hold your phone, your face expression... the key is just practicing and understanding what best suits you with mirror selfies.

use your hands

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Using your hands in selfies and photos can be very good! Put a hand on your head or face and work out the angles that fit your pose better.

smile... but not always

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Don't get me wrong, smiling is great! However, you should only smile in pictures when it's a genuine smile, otherwise it will look forced and not suit you very well. When you feel like smiling, do it and take a nice picture! Besides that, there are other nice face expressions you can use if you don't feel like smiling.

use sunglasses or other accessories

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A cool thing you can add to your selfies is sunglasses. Using sunglasses can also make it easier for you to work on your best angles and see what works best for you.

bring a friend

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Take pictures with friends! You're guaranteed to have a fun time and you'll get photos to remember.

These are some of the tips I use the most when taking selfies. I hope you found some inspiration and have lots of fun taking beautiful pictures.

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)


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