hi. I'm jessica, and I wrote a letter to my dead bird.

His name was greeny. Because he was green and fluffy and so freaking cute.

Dear Greeny,

I miss you,

From the day you first hopped around the cage,

to the last day when I found your body lying motionless on the ground

You were adorable

With that little beak

and your little cute fluffy face

and that weird hobby for chewing random useless things

like paper, strings, heck, you liked chewing pretty much everything that could fit in your beak

I even saw you chewing on your own feather once

my friend called you a cannibal for eating a piece of your own kind, but that's okay

I loved it when you'd bounce your head up and down when you sang

And I loved it when you'd see your reflection in the mirror and get aggressive because you thought this was just another bird trying to show you up so you'd puff your feather's and stare at your reflection as if it were some contest who was the better bird.

a;lsdfjauhdgiua you were so freaking cute.

and i miss you

a lot

i cried a lot on that day you died

I wished i was there the day before you died, instead I came home late and went straight to bed only to find my little green friend had passed away to day after.

goodbye greeny

disclaimer: the bird in the picture isn't actually my bird, I just got too lazy and didn't feel like uploading one from my phone