Addiction. A condition of being completely dependent on a substance. An irresistible desire of something. Usually causes mental sickness (depression, insomnia, etc.) and sometimes...even death.
It can be of anything, mobiles, drugs and even of a person! According to me, the worst thing you can get addicted to is a person. Because most of the people in this temporary world are heartless. If they get to know that you care about them, they'll leave you broken. Most of them do.

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Bang your head against a wall, cry, it will have no effect on them. They're gone but your heart won't let them go. Because it's addicted. It craves that person's love. There'll be pictures of that person on the shelves of your heart. But there's nothing you can do other than writing about them.

Moving on? That'll be the hardest thing you'll do in your life. But it will be worth it. Because it will undoubtedly make you stronger. You'll go through Hell but still end up being an angel.

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They say, 'Don't get attached to anything easily.' but we don't choose to get attached to something/someone. It just happens.
Your hands would crave to hold that person's hands, you'd kill to hold that person in your arms. It's inevitable, not to get attached to a person once in our lives. It teaches us a very important lesson & it makes us stronger and wiser. Yes, moving on is VERY hard but not impossible and you don't even have any other choice. You cannot hold on to the past and destroy your future. Past cannot be changed and future, you cannot predict. There's always light at the end of the tunnel, sweetheart.

Don't get addicted to anyone easily, but if you do and they walk out of your life & leave you broken, learn to let go.

please don't mind if there was any grammatical mistake. english isn't my native language!

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