Is it just me, or whenever you're writing essays there's always that thought that says, "There's definitely a better way to say this". Or, "okay, you've said that more than enough, use a different word". And is it just me, or do your teachers point out when certain words are repetitive in your writing?

If you're still reading this article, heeeey there! The good news is, you're not alone.

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Without further ado, here are some words and phrases you can showcase in your essays.

To Remember: Make sure that these words fit with your context, don't just place them randomly.


for example
for instance, to illustrate this point, thus, a case point is, is exemplified by, markedly, in particular

implies, signifies, expresses, conveys, argues, indicates, signals,

looks/seems like
mirrors, emulates, mimics, broadcasts, insinuates, reveals, echoes, reiterates, poses, imitates, portrays,

utilizes, employs, exploits, resorts to, excercises

significantly, particularly, in detail, notably, namely, in particular, exclusively,

absolutely, legitimately, undoubtedly, indeed, surely, certainly

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for quotes
quotes (obviously), articulates, notes, asserts, according to, states

elaborates, emphasizes, describes, it conducts that, demonstrates, continues, embodies, epitomizes

in response to
argues, protests, insists, claims, opposes, defends the view that, contradicts, points out, responds, overlooks

in agreement to
maintains that, is of the opinion that, holds the view that, affirms, makes clear,

words to use in general
ADJECTIVES remarkable, egregious, sterling, diverse, satisfactory, colossal, vivid, exquisite, atrocious, transparent, excruiciating

VERBS propound, stipulate, recapitulate, promulgate, conglomerate, inflames, implement, enhance, speculate,

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