Hey! back again with another character aesthetics article and this is all going to be characters from the TV show Gotham. Enjoy!

Oswald Cobblepot

blue, tuxedo, and vegas image autumn, wallpaper, and background image bowls, gorgeous, and vintage image black, dark, and cane image sunglasses, black, and glasses image Temporarily removed

Edward Nygma

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed green and suit image indie and vintage image depression, black and white, and dark image city and dark image

Bruce Wayne

city image black, boy, and coat image fashion, men, and man image house, architecture, and mansion image eyes, boy, and eye image fashion, funny, and quotes image

Selina Kyle

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed Temporarily removed hands and real image graffiti, grunge, and quotes image

Jerome Valeska

Abusive image Image by no bad vibes magic, aesthetic, and the greatest showman image quotes image aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Pamela Pepper

books and vintage image redhead image fashion, dress, and shoes image red, poison, and neon image eyes, photography, and green image girl, city, and light image

Barbara Kean

earrings, diamonds, and hair image dress, fashion, and gold image Best, text, and woman image Image removed fashion, femme fatale, and indie image Abusive image

Victor Fries

white, blue, and eye image hair image blue, ice, and aesthetic image revenge, grunge, and quotes image blue, ice, and cold image eyes, black, and demon image

Jonathan Crane

Abusive image red, nightmare, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It dark, witch, and black image
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