I´m starting a new series on how to style different statement clothing items in four different ways.

This week is jumpsuits, they work for every occasion, are comfortable and stylish; which is what everybody wants.


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This is a classic vintage look; a jumpsuit with a wide flowy leg and a vibrant color, add some white in the form of elegant shoes and a trench coat, finally top it all off with cat eye sunglasses.


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This is perfect for an edgier style and dressing up a simple piece; use a belt to highlight your waist, wear a black boot with some silver detailing and throw on the good old black leather jacket.


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For something more casual choose a neutral colored jumpsuit and style your hair with a beret, pick your favorite pair of white sneakers and your trusty bomber jacket.


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Wear a stripped black and white jumpsuit with a jean jacket on top and spicy things up with a pop of color, like some red sandals and handbag, to create a casual yet stylish look.

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