Well hello there again ♡


aw, fashion, and good times image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

TV Shows

tvd, the vampire diaries, and love image Archie, Betty, and riverdale image orphan black image izombie image
Also stranger things & glee, but too lazy to go and find pics.


tokio hotel, bill, and gustav image adam lambert image donghae, eunhyuk, and kyuhyun image 2ne1 image
Tokio Hotel, Adam Lambert & Kpop ♡ okay, I listen to a lot of other artists too.

Celebrity crushes

tokio hotel, tom kaulitz, and Tom image super junior, Leeteuk, and suju image got7, jackson wang, and bambam image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Tom Kaulitz, Leeteuk, Jackson & Leo ♡


city, city life, and finland image bed, bedroom, and messy image billboards, japan, and tokyo image city, berlin, and germany image


animals, dogs, and collies image fox, animal, and cute image lol, me, and yama image Image removed
If you don't like llamas then I don't trust you, but anyways.. I literally love all the animals.


flowers, art, and pink image body, fitness, and goals image beauty, eyeliner, and glitter image fruit, green, and veggie image travel, sky, and clouds image bucket list and dream job image
Get better at drawing/learn how to paint, work for the body I've always wanted, improve my makeup skills, eat healthier, travel the world and finding my dream job.