Welcome to my first article ☺ I thought I should do a small "get to know me" kind of article because it looked really fun to create.


fashion, girl, and pale image style, accessories, and earrings image hair, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, girl, and inspiration image
Skirts + 8 Piercings + Straight Hair + Glasses


house, home, and luxury image book, hair, and hairstyle image article, cinema, and film image Image removed
Interior Design and Architecture + Reading + Acting + Horse Riding


bathroom, design, and interior image body, rose gold, and clothes image paris, travel, and france image nails, iphone, and apple image
Rose Gold + Gold


chocolate, sweet, and Cookies image food, pizza, and delicious image food, fries, and yummy image diet, food, and healthy image
Cookies + Pizza + Fries + Pasta (yummm)


house, home, and architecture image bitch, quotes, and boss up image classy, credits to the owner, and clothes image ring, pink, and heart image
Dream House + Self-Development + Successful Interior Designer + Love

TV Shows

pops, riverdale, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image teen wolf image kendall jenner, kylie jenner, and khloe kardashian image
Riverdale + Stranger Things + Teen Wolf + Keeping Up With The Kardashians

That's All Folks

Hope you liked it and if anyone shares similar likings then message me and we can be friends ☺
Thank you