It can be really satisfying to watch someone creating art in their journals. So here are a couple of youtubers i know and inspired by , so you can break into your sketch book or art journal too.

1. Noor Unnahar

I bet you may have seen her work all over Pinterest and Instagram. (check out the image from my first art journal article) Noor Unnahar is an artist who writes a lot of poetry and is the author of "Yesterday I Was The Moon". She has a youtube channel where she does videos about art and other things like vlogs as well.

art, diary, and poetry image noor, noor unnahar, and art image Image by simplyme art journal image

2. Ghostly

I fell in love with everything about the videos she made. Her sketchbooks really inspired me to start sketching and art journaling. One of my favourite videos are the flip thoughs. You should definitely check her videos on how to make a notebook and more art journaling ideas.

art, art journal, and ghostly image art journal image

3. Troy Nicole

So yesterday i was procrastinating on watching several youtube videos and came across Troy Nicole channel. I was so blessed that i found her videos on art journal. I really love how she shows her process of creation of art journal in 10 mins or less. She has other videos related with beauty and lifestyle as well.

4. Johanna Clough

Last but not least, Johanna Clough! Johanna is a mom youtuber who is passionate about making scrapbooks and art journals. Her style is totally my favourite and really like how she express her creativity on paper.

art journal image art journal image

That's all folks! I'd love for you to come by and subscribe to these amazing youtubers. I'm always on the search for new channels to watch, so let me know. Are you a youtuber? Send me a message, i would love to check it out.

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