Today's question:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

In 5 years

  • In 5 years I see myself graduated in Business Management, with my own business already created and already earning money. Being a kind and independent woman, living her dream. I will have my own big house with a pool, because I love swiming. A beautiful black car. I will already know how to drive. I will travel the world and just focus on living life and dedicating time to my business.
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  • In 10 years I will still work in my own business, I will be studying digital desing. I will develope another project. I will continue travelling around the world with my family, friends and boyfriend.
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  • In 15 years I will found an university (I still have time to think on the name), you might be wondering why a university. Well, here in Spain most cool things that are related to art, for example: digital desing, fashion desing, art, can't be studied in public universities, only in private ones. So I want to give more opportunities to those who cant study in a private university making these degrees available in a public university. I also, will be millionaire.
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I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much i enjoyed writing it! -Alison G.