Hello my friends,

I hope you all are doing well!
I have to say that I am so confused about myself. Lately I reallly didn't give any fucks about my life. No, I am not depressed, thank and praise the Lord! But right now I get a taste of the real me and guys, she can't be related to my younger me.
When I was a child I wished to become a beautiful woman, who is generous and smart. I wanted to visit the university since I was able to speak. I wanted to become famous, a star, a leader. Someone people look up to and believe in.
I don't know if I'm pretty, but people keep telling me that I am.
I don't know if I'm generous an smart, but people keep telling me I am.
People, who are my friends and people I just met keep telling me that my life looks perfect, even though they know it isn't.
They give me important positions in many institution, because they want me to become a leader and they believe in me.
I keep pushing peolpe away from me and yet they come back and never want me to apologize.
That's all I wanted when I was a kid, but now I'm a young woman and I don't know who I want to become.
So yeah, I have a mejor crisis, I even tried to quit the university and guys I did really stupid things,yet my mom just told me she loves me and keeps supporting me.
I manipulate people and they don't see it, even though I keep telling them exactly that.

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We will see, how far I'll get with this attitude, wish me luck.

Love you!