Hey!! This is my first article on weheartit and I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of this tag created by @hanixan. I am a proud directioner and I'm going to attempt to anser these few questions.

1) Favourite Member

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Obviously, I Iove all my children. But when I first watched the video diaries, Louis stole my heart.

2) Favourite One Direction Song

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I listened to every song from Up All Night to Made In The A.M. all over again since it was so hard to decide just one. But when I listened to Long Way Down the lyrics really hit me and I feel that it's extremely unappreciated.

3) Favourite Music Video

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First of all it's emotional and it shows a genuine side to the boys. Also they look really good and it is a fact that the boys from One Direction are the cutest babies.

4) When did you join the fandom?

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I actually joined the fandom when What Makes You Beautiful was released. So around August 2011, that's nearly 7 years!

5) Have you been to any concerts?

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Yes, it was my first and only concert as well as Zayn's last concert with the band :(

6) Favourite ships between the boys? (Bromance or romance)

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I have devoted my life to Larry Stylinson cause that's love. But I adore the friendship that was between Zayn and Louis.
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7) Favourite Harry Solo Song?

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Kiwi. I just absolutely love the fact that if Harry is ever going wild it's because of this song.

8) Favourite Liam Solo Song?

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For You. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with this song.

9) Favourite Louis Solo Song?

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Just Like You. This one is just for us and the lyric video is beautiful.

10) Favourite Niall Solo Song?

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On The Loose. It's basically my favourite song right now so obviously.

11) Favourite Zayn Solo Song?

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Cruel. I love his voice, the vibes and pretty everything else.

12) Favourite Picture Of All The Boys?

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I know it's a GIF but I couldn't help it.

13) Which Song Is Your Least Favourite?

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Either Another World or Steal My Heart. Just the titles hurt my heart.

14) Which Of The Boy's Siblings Do You Like The Most?

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Louis' younger twin siblings, Doris and Ernest. I particularly love their name for Louis, "Achoo".

15) Which Of The Boys Has The Best Clothing Style?

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Harry, no question. He looks great in basically anything and everything. I love how distinctive and bold his style is amongst all the boys.

16) If You Only Had One Ticket To Watch One Of Their Solo Concerts, Which One Would You Go To?

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Harry. I love the energy he radiates whilst on stage, how he makes it a place where everyone can be themselves and feel safe.

17) Saddest One Direction Moment?

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I would say the saddest moment was Zayn leaving but the most heartbreaking by far was Louis' tribute performance to his late mother.

18) What Is Something You Miss About The Band?

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Their performances. The Lilo water fights, Harry's love for the dads, Niall being the rock star he is and our fan projects. <3

19) Have You Ever Stayed Up All Night Because Of One Direction?

There's no such thing as sleep in this fandom... once you blink, everyone is pregnant, a whole album has been released, someone died and Niall is no longer Irish.

20) Favourite One Direction Era?

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The TMH tour. They were so happy and pure. They all looked amazing and Larry was so real.

21) Who Would You Rather Date, Marry, Be Best Friends With, Party With And Meet Once?

Date: Zayn
Marry: Louis
Best friends with: Harry
Party with: Liam
Meet once: Niall

22) Do You Love Or Hate The Drama In The Fandom?

Sometimes it does go too far and there are times where I wish I could press a stop button to end it. I completely hate the drama that is created from anyone who isn't apart of our family like news articles or radio hosts.

23) Have You Ever Met Any Of The Boys?

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No, although I went to a concert, I bought the worst possible seats. I've missed all my chances of meeting Niall from just not being informed that he was even in the country.

24) Favourite One Direction Album?

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Midnight Memories. You know how there's always songs you skip in a playlist? There's no song in this album that falls under that category.

25) How Did You Get Into The Fandom?

I was young at the time so I wasn't up to date with the "trendy" music. I woke up to loud music. I thought it was that one song from the movie Grease and since it was and still is my favourite movie I ran towards the noise. I walked into the hallway but then stopped before I could enter the living room, Harry's face was on the screen and the channel was on MTV. I stood there until the boys faded into the sunset then immediately googled "you don't know you're beautiful" and found out the name of this band, I might've took a quiz as well, I don't particularly remember what it was on but I can distinctively remember my result being Liam. 7 years later, I'm still here.

26) Write ONE Thing You Admire About Each Of The Boys.

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Harry: How accepting he is towards everyone.
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Liam: His potential to succeed with his talent in the music industry.
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Louis: He puts everyone before himself.
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Niall: His ability to laugh in any situation.
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Zayn: His artistic skills.

27) Do You Own Any Merch?

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I've own all the deluxe cds, all the perfumes, an up all night t-shirt and the 2017 calendar.

28) Favourite Hairstyle Out Of The Boys?

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Louis' cinnamon swirl/roll hairstyle.

29) Do You Read Or Write One Direction Fan fictions?

Yes, I do read a wide variety of fan fiction. I write fan fiction as well but nothing has been published.

30) Do You Think They Will Ever Be A Band Again?

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Yes, I know they will be back, I mean they wrote and made an entire video on it but I'm not certain they will stay as a four-piece.