Hey everyone! Today's article is all about how to de-stress. Stress is a very important and deadly mental situation, and it can be caused by a variety of things, for example school, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, other personal problems etc. So I decided to make a list of things that can help you to de-stress! Also, most of these articles are from another article I read but I unfortunately can't find it again so I apologize about that!

Tips on How to De-Stress

1. Play with your pets and/or animals, and if you don't have any then consider adopting some!

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It is even scientifically proven that depressed and/or stressed people can be less sad if they have any pets to hang around with and/or play with

2. Listen To Music

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Listening to music I think will 100% help you to de-stress because like every. single. mood. has. a. song. for real though! listen to music it helps a lot with your feelings

3. Make something// Be creative!

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Making something or creating something will get your mind off of whatever has been stressing you out or whatever has been on your mind lately. Search up on Pinterest creative things and try them out!

4. Talk about it!// Friends, Family, relatives, (someone you trust)

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Talking out your problems or whatever is stressing you out will surely help you because you will be telling someone about it and they might advice you on maybe what you should do to prevent problems in the future. Be careful who you vent to though.

5. Workout/Exercise

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Working out can also really help you because not only will you become healthy and fit if you do it continuously but it will also get your mind of what is stressing you and will get your hurt pumping!

6. Try your best to stay positive!

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Try to remember that everything happens for a reason and to try to make the best of the days because life if full of its bad and good moments, treasure all of it!

7. Take a calming shower or bath

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Self care is very important when you are stressed because you will spend time taking care of yourself and to better your mood. And who doesn't want a relaxing bath or shower !

8. Eat your favorite food

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Eat your heart out but don't overdo it and make sure that most of it is healthy for example fruits like bananas, strawberries, kiwis, avocado etc it will make you feel amazing!

9. Spend time with family and friends

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Spending time with family and friends is also an awesome cure because they are always there for you and will help you through the hard times

Thanks for reading this article I hope it helped you!

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