This is the list of things I really want to do with my best friend🍒.

1) Get matching clothes😍😍

girl, friends, and hair image beautiful, Best, and blond image
friends, friendship, and style image friends, friendship, and goals image

2) Travel the world🛫

best friends, beach, and summer image friends, best friends, and hat image girl, summer, and friends image friends, city, and friendship image

3) Colour our hair with shades of pink and purple❤️❤️

hair, purple, and blue image hair, blue, and pink image hair, purple, and hairstyle image hair, girl, and pink image

4) Eat ALOT of Junk food🍔🍟

burger, follow, and fries image food, burger, and hamburger image pizza, food, and fries image food, chocolate, and pizza image

5) GO shopping together🛒

girl, hair, and shopping image Image removed friends, food, and bff image clothes, shopping, and new image