Sometimes it's hard to keep your room neat, maybe you own too much stuff or maybe you're too busy to spend much time tidying up.

However i strongly believe that having a clean bedroom makes a huge difference to your general mood, productivity and happiness.

That being said not everyone can just go out and splash a heap of cash on redecorating their room cough cough me.

I'm broke....
but somehow i often get compliments on how neat and "aesthetically pleasing" my room is, so here is a few of my tips on how to keep your room in a more acceptable state with out spending too much money.

(I have tried to make these tips and the photo examples as realistic as possible)

1. storage cubes

I firmly believe that keeping your room tidy is the best way to make your room more like something you'd see on a blog and less like a bomb site.

I bought a packet of three black storage cubes from target a few months ago and they have honestly made the biggest difference in my room.
They were only $7 for all three and came in a few colours to match the theme of your room.

I used one to keep all my hats and scarves in, another for all the random things i don't have a home for and the last for my track pants.
They're designed to fit in most cubed storage shelves but i thought mine looked better at the bottom of my clothes rack and under my bed.

Alternatively, before i could get my hands on some of these magical cubes i spray painted a milk crate black to keep all my shoes in. I think it looks cute and offers a simple solution to shoe storage.

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2. Selective Clothing Placement

Okay so this and odd tip, and it can seem a bit pointless and annoying but if you own a clothes rack or have any clothes that are visible when you walk in the room, this may help.

It's an obvious one but it works, with my clothes rack i only place grey, white or black clothes on it and the rest go into either a storage cube or into my chest of drawers. It can also help to buy black coat hangers ( $4 from target) to help keep an organised feel to your clothes rack.

The chest of drawers where most of my clothes are has annoying little gaps in the top of each drawer so that you can see the clothing within, to combat this i only place grey or white tops on the top of my clothing to help hide all my random clothes that don't match my theme.

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3. Recycle

Again this is something pretty obvious and you'll probably hear it over and over again but it helps.... a lot.

Recycle old shoe boxes as storage, i have a few from Nike, timberland, Adidas and Puma stacked up next to my mirror. They add a splash of colour to my room whilst also serving as storage for my random chargers and cords, birthday cards i couldn't throw out and my craft supplies.

Old cups, mugs and jars make good pen holders or storage for make up brushes ( i use old starbucks cups for my paint brushes).

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4. Final Tips

1. Do not to keep anything on your bed, a clear bed automatically creates a tidy area at eye level, and when you want to sleep what ever was on your bed doesn't end up on your floor.

2. Try not to cover all of your walls, leaving a clear wall space prevents your room from feeling too closed in and small. Furniture against every wall can feel claustrophobic.

3. Tidy often, doesn't have to be a huge effort, just put your makeup back in its place after you use it, make your bed in the morning and never ever keep clothes on your floor.

4. Have a good source of lighting, this is easy if you have a large window or a bright lamp but if your'e unlucky like me and have a tiny window and the dimmest light in existence then you should look for other methods of lighting.

Candles are great for short amounts of time but can be expensive if your burning through them quickly and obviously you cant leave them alone or you might burn down your house.
So i would recommend getting some fairy lights if you don't already have some, they're around $15-$20 from target and add a very cute vibe to your room, otherwise if you need better lighting focused on your desk target have some cute minimalist lamps for around the same price.

Get your hands on as many house plants as you can and if you aren't the best at looking after them or you cant get any cheaply target or kmart have some great fake ones from around $7.

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Thank you for reading! Please message me if you have any feedback or any questions xx