buds are about to open their beauty,
let us enjoy this pleasure along spring
r u ready 4 pink ?

🌸 grab a cotton candy,
candy under cherry blossoms

pink, aesthetic, and cotton candy image anime, pastel, and cherry blossom image gif image gif image
walk walk walk - on your way to work, grocery shopping, a flower shop, a book store, a near park, spring festivals

♢ walk
♧ take a promenade
♢ walk again
♧ promener

🌱 pink up yourself

dior, model, and paris image
pink pink baby pink , rose pink, golden pink

♢ きらきら(kirakira) twinkling make up
♧ dress in pink or floral
♢ spray your unique spring perfume
♧ lips on your favorite pink

🌸 flowers to everyone

flowers, hipster, and indie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, flowers, and tumblr image flowers and photography image
gardening, making a bouquet, & flowers in vase

♢ plant a flower
♧ garden your jardin
♢ paint your secret garden
♧ present a bouquet on mothers day
♢ find a wild flower which resembles your boyfriend

🌱 à la terrasse

gif image gif image flowers, lips, and white image anime, anime food, and cute image
a piece of strawberry cake & espresso

♢ go to a café
♧ order something warm
♢ sit under sunlight
♧ read until your drink gets lukewarm

spring wishes pink hearts & bisous,
chez claire
le 12 mars lundi ☼ 2018