early in the beginning, we've already shared
'bonne année, ボンヌ・アンネー, happy new year, 新春快乐, 새해 복 많이 받으세요 - !' you've started your brand new year, months ago ...
- en hiver(winter), dans la froideur(coldness)

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you've made new plans & résolutions & new beginnings
- on december, janurary, or perhaps on february, the lunar new year -
to live in a better lifestyle, relationship, you 🧚🏻‍♂️

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we made new starts while trees were nude in chilly weather.
we, began again to step new steps, with baby steps
as a whole life étudiante(student).

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and we are almost here, printemps(spring,春,봄)!
and i hope you are there...
with me, with us

maybe you would fall in love with it, maybe you would have caught a long cold in your heart, uncovered, bare. but remember, après hiver, printemps - i wish you & i 're-'cognize - this simple fact : spring comes after winter. we haven't started to be a better new person on a sunny pink day. all we started was at the beginning of the cold wintery season.

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wish spring to you

hearts & bisous,
chez claire
le 12 mars 2018