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female : love me
origin ; yoruba, nigeria
flowers, pink, and rose image aesthetic, aesthetics, and roses image flowers, nature, and sea image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image
male & female : child with curly hair
origin : yoruba, nigeria
Afro, black, and brown image vogue, Afro, and black image girl, hair, and melanin image Afro, black, and brown image
male ; happiness
origin : shona, zimbabwe
black, brown, and curls image Afro, girl, and hair image smile image fashion, pretty, and melanin image
female ; life
origin : swahili, east africa
sunset, sky, and california image palm trees, sky, and summer image beach, nature, and sunset image beach, summer, and sunset image
female ; sweetheart
origin : swahili, east africa
quotes, pink, and enough image girl, pink, and friends image pink, pretty, and vogue image fashion, sunglasses, and chloe image

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