hello everyone! so i haven't written for a long time because i had no ideas of what to write, so i decided to do a tag and just found one of one direction that's pretty nice, here we go. enjoy!

(credits to @heyitsjooy for the tag)

1.-Favorite Member

photoshoot model
i love all of them, but harry's been my little ray of sunshine since i started to like them.

2.-Favorite Music Video

boy one thing
one thing is my favourite music video since it came out, i just love how happy they were! it's been so many years god i'm old.

3.-Have you been to any concerts?

black and white, hug, and concert image
i wish i had gone to one of their concerts together, but my parents wouldn't let me :(

4.-Favorite ships between the boys?

concert 1d
i just love the friendship they have, can't relate.

5.-Do you own any merch?

Superthumb Superthumb
i do! i have all their albums as a band and i got the ''our moment'' perfume as a gift for my birthday, i love the fragance because is so sweet and natural.

6.-Favorite One Direction era

one direction image
i think we all agree that 2012/2013 were one of the best eras. DAMN i'm really old.

7.- Saddest One Direction moment?

crying, memories, and smile image
i cried all day when zayn left the band, but months later, though i still missed him being in the band, i loved to see him happy again.

8.-If you only had one ticket to watch one of their solo concerts, which one would you go to?

concert Superthumb
i totally love everything about harry's concerts and harry itself.

9.-Which of the boys' sibling do you like the most?

1d gemma
she's so beautiful and nice, i love how she is with harry and the relationship they have!
band, zayn malik, and beach image
10.-Fist song you heard of them? i remember my best friend singing it and telling me i needed to hear it, i came home and i did, then i couldn't stop watching and hearing them.
i want, one direction, and Lyrics image
11. Favorite song from Up All Night Album? it was hard to choose one but I Want is definitely only one of my favourite songs of Up all night. i love everything about it, the voices, the lyrics, the piano.

12. Favorite song from Take Me Home Album?

Superthumb quote
ok since tmh is one of my favourite albums, it was REALLY hard to choose one, so i chose two: Last first kiss and They don't know about us.

13. Favorite song from Midnight Memories Album?

one direction, Harry Styles, and liam payne image
it's not a surprise that it's hard to pick a fav jam of this great album, but this song is so special to me.

14. Favorite song from Four Album?

grunge, Lyrics, and lockscreen image
i totally adore this song, it brings me so much inspiration and happiness.

15. Who would you rather date, marry, be best friend with, party with and meet once?
marry: harry
date: zayn
be best friend with: louis
party with: niall
meet once: liam

16. Favorite Zayn solo song

it's you, zayn, and Lyrics image
the lyrics and the high tones of this song are EVERYTHING.

17. Favorite Niall solo song

Lyrics Lyrics
i still remember how excited i was when this town came out as it was the first solo single of niall. i think it has a pretty story behind, as most of the songs have, and i love the love he expresses with all the things he says.

18. Favorite Harry solo song

wallpaper, sweet creature, and lockscreen image
since i like them all, it was really hard for me to choose one (again). i just love everything about sweet creature, no words.

19. Favorite Louis solo song

Lyrics, wallpaper, and miss you image
everything about Miss You is beautiful, the lyrics and the way that louis sings are amazing and have so much potential.

20. Favorite Liam Solo Song

dance, gif, and liam payne image
ok you can't deny this song is very catchy and that the video is pretty awesome.

this article is far the longest i wrote haha. feel welcome to do this tag, i totally enjoyed writing and looking for the images while listening to one direction.
remember that if you need someone to talk to, i'm always here.

all the love,