Hey Everyone! So, today for day 11 of my 30 day writing challenge, I am going to be writing a letter to my 10-year-old self. Now, I know that no one will know exactly what all I am talking about in this letter, but it is sincerely from present me to past me. Enjoy!

Dear Younger April,

I would ask how you have been, but I already know. I know what all you're going through. I know about the bullies, the crying yourself to sleep at night, and the wanting to hurt yourself. Stop. Just stop it. It is not worth it! They are not worth your tears! I know that you think that you are stuck in a rut, but trust me, you will come out on top in the end. You feel insecure and hopeless. You think that no one loves you, but I love you. What you do not know is in 2 years you will leave that horrific school and go to a new one. You will be terrified and nervous at first, but you will soon meet your true best friend there. Oh, and the best friend you have now, don't get too close to her; she will hurt you in the long-run. I'm sorry to say that you two aren't friends anymore, but you have this new best friend, who's name is Kate, and she is the light of your life. She will teach you how to love yourself and become a strong woman. But she didn't teach you all that, you became strong on your own time too. You also think that you can't flirt or speak to guys, but that is wrong. You finally find someone that you love and can tell all your deepest secrets to, and they mean the world to you. This guy is also your best friend's brother. Shocker, right? But please don't rush growing up. It is not worth it. I know that you can't wait to drive, to move out, to go to college, to have a boyfriend, etc., but please don't wish your life away! The little time you have being that young is too precious to lose! Believe me when I tell you that you will spend many a night crying because you miss all the times that you played barbies, or ran around in mud puddles, or danced in the rain. Do all of those things as much as you can while you still can. It is difficult being older, but I will tell you one thing. You grow up to be a smart, beautiful woman, who does not take anything from anyone. You love your family and your friends with all your heart, and they love you too. You have no more negative people in your life, and life is pretty amazing. So, keep your head high, take your time being young, but be happy that your life turns out to be amazing and you turn out to be the strong woman you always dreamed of being.

With all my love,
Future April xo