“You will NEVER be a 100% READY to CHANGE. Don’t wait for the ‘PERFECT’ TIME. It will NEVER come. Start TODAY.”

Sometimes it never seems like the perfect time to start working towards a goal. Just take the next best step and keep moving forward! You will get there if you just keep going!

First, what goals want to achieve but with achieving those goals, are you ready for the change that is about come. Change can be scary but as we change, that scare goes away. It goes away because you are focused on how you are feeling with this new vibrant change. The change with complete goals will give and gain you a new respective. What have you learned with this new perspective? And how do you feel about this new vibrant change?

Look at the change as your friend, not your enemy. Remember no negative “snowball” effects allowed.

Battles can be your goals.

Choose your battles carefully, because you will win some and will lose some. But you will always learn, get a change of perspective, grow, and appreciate what you have gained from winning or losing.

Neither is a “bad thing”, it’s the outcome that has happened – sometimes you can’t have what you want because maybe it will come back when it is your time to have it. Have gratitude for what you have now and what you have accomplished. Have faith in what will be. Time has a funny way of showing itself to you.

Time is your friend, not your enemy. Time is your direction.