so many people actually liked my first article so i wanted to write about something that has been an ongoing struggle for me!!

i started getting pimples in grade 6 and because i did not know what i was doing i didnt even try to fix it and it eventually got into acne which sucked during year 7 and 8. In year 9, i was so done, so i watched what i ate, came up with a really strict skincare routine, stopped touching my face, changing my pillowcases and drinking more water. its the simple things that sound stupid that actually helped me.

i stuck to this skincare routine, nowadays i might change products sinc my skin has turned more sensitive.


1. i would use clinque cleanse the day off balm to take off my makeup. this was a little expensive compared to the other products but it honestly made my skin feel more fresh as makeup wipes always made my skin red and itchy.
2. i would then use the mario seaweed cleanser! mario is my favourite brand because its so inexpensive, i dont think this cleanser would be good for acne prone skin but it was nice to have an everyday cleanser that made my skin feel fresh
3. i would only exfoliate every second day because my skin was sensitive but sometimes i would do this daily. i would use the biore acne scrub, the orange one! this is rlly nice and you can definitely feel its doing something
4. my biggest tip is even though you might have oily skin and you may think you dont need moisturiser its so important to exfoliation can dry out your skin so even a lightweight moisturiser can help! I use the Neutrogena sensitive skin its really light weight.
5. Then i would tone with the Mario rose spray which is just a nice fresh way to end my routine.

other things i would do is using the lush grease lightning for a spot treatment and using a rejuvenating facemask at the end of the week to pamper it!

have fun beauty babes, dont rush your acne wont be gone in one day hehe
love you xoxox