i dont mean to sound like a basic angsty teenage girl but

no one understands me
and im not sure what words i can use to convey this idea...
i dont know how to word this so you know im being honest
and im not just saying words from a dramatic burst of hormones
as others so often do

im trying to tell you that im drowning
and that it feels like everyone hates me
and that even sometimes
i hate myself

im trying to let you know
that im trying
i seriously am and i need you to hear me
because no one
and i mean no one
else does

im trying to explain to you
what it feels like to be rejected
over and over again
and being unable to figure out
what it is that is wrong with you
what about me is so...

i really dont want to sound like
just another angsty teenage girl
because that comes no where near to
encapsulating where i am

i just want you to hear me
i want you
to listen.