Where will I live?

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Somewhere in the Southeast, I doubt I will stay in Atlanta but I would love to live somewhere like Raleigh, NC in a cute, rustic styled house.


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Dogs! I currently have a Havanese and a Westie (similar to the two dogs on the top row). They are so amazing and I would love to have the same breed when I'm older. I also love pugs and maltese. As long as the pups are hypoallergenic, I'm good.


teacher, funny, and school image
Elementary school teacher! Obviously I won't be flipping off the kids lol. I love working with children and although it's a hard job, I would love to do it.

Do you want children? If so what would you like their names to be?

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My ideal would be two girls, but of course I would be happy with anything. Names I absolutely love for girls are Savannah, Margot, and Georgia. For boys I love Noah, Davis, and Preston.


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Travelling, tennis, and taking care of my kids


boy bed ace couple
Have some relationships throughout college and afterwards. Then, meet the right guy and get married someday.


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I would love to have my wedding either in a barn or at my grandmothers house (she lives in a big house with many acres of land, she also had her wedding there and it was beautiful). The theme would be rustic and a more southern style.