If I tell the flowers
How lovely of a sight you are
How soft and fragrant your skin is
They'd bloom for you

Image removed bouquet, flower, and flowers image

If I tell the sun
How fire dances in your eyes
How red your passion burns
He'd make the summer last longer

art, flowers, and yellow image beach, nature, and sunset image

If I tell the moon
How beautifully ethereal you are
How mystifying your smile looks
She'd want to go down to kiss you

rose, night, and moon image ночь, небо, and луна image

If I tell the stars
How dazzling you are
How you bring light to my world
They'd shine brighter for you

stars, sky, and night image art, quotes, and moon image

If I tell the oceans
How clear and blue your irises are
How your hair flows like the waves
They'd be put in shame

blue and eyes image beach, ocean, and summer image

If I tell the world
How your fingers intertwine with mine
How you hold me like I'm gonna break
They'd be in love with you

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